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Medical Device Cybersecurity

Our medical device cybersecurity platform helps address 3X more risk with 70% cost productivity in a clinically compliant manner through an asset-based approach. It ensures accuracy in asset discovery, vulnerability identification, and risk management to propel an organization towards Zero Trust Cybersecurity.

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Essential for Business Success

At the core of healthcare transforming digital innovations such as telehealth, personalized medicine, and wearables lies connectivity, referred to as Internet of Medical things (IoMT). A lack of cybersecurity involving IoMT and medical devices pose both patient safety and data security risks. The per unit cost of an adverse impact is ~750 times the cost of a breached medical record. In fact, the estimated cybersecurity risk exceeds the operating profit of an average provider organization.

Key Solution Elements

Our solution delivers the highest accuracy in asset discovery, identity, and risk assessment amidst the unique challenges present in provider settings involving widely diverse devices, manufacturers, life cycles, configurations, and clinical protocols. The platform ensures that risk management takes place in a clinically compliant manner and adheres to US HHS guidelines while providing auditing, reporting, and governance capabilities. It also considers human factors in cybersecurity in addition to technical vulnerabilities. It is the most effective, cost-efficient, and adaptable solution designed to work across broad healthcare settings starting with home-health, imaging centers, surgery centers, and labs to hospitals and IDNs.

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