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Knowledge Articles

CLS – A Product Manager’s New Pathway for Growth and Differentiation of Connected Products

Product cybersecurity offers an opportunity to further optimize the value-price-cost equation to achieving margin accretive growth.


Should there be a change in network security approach?

Recent supply-chain related cyber incidents may indicate value in "strategic air-gaps" and risk-management mindset in security architecture!


A Key Reason Behind Cyber-breaches: a Gap in Leadership

Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed in healthcare. Organizations now need to focus more on leadership and processes rather than just tools.

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From our engagements with Health Systems


Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) 


Healthcare System

Healthcare Igniters

A series of brief conversations with thought leaders who have ideas for 10X impact and have the courage to bring them forward.

“MediTechSafe’s medical device cybersecurity solution allowed us to expand the scope of our risk management efforts and strategies.”

- IT Director, a Rural Health System