Created By Community

Created by Community

With Knowledge of Healthcare Processes

Developed by a team of passionate healthcare IT, clinical engineering, software architecture and cyber security experts for all types of healthcare delivery organizations.

Designed With You in Mind

Designed with You in Mind

Considering the Cross-functional Needs

Built from scratch considering unique clinical and healthcare regulatory requirements while ensuring the needs of different functions are met in today's dynamic healthcare environment that also calls for partnerships with various external entities such as clinics, imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, etc.



Programmatic Risk-based Approach

Ensures risk management efforts are simplified to save you days and months, yielding the best ROI.


The Platform

Our integrated platform coupled with professional services delivers the needed end-to-end IoT cybersecurity risk management solution in a quickly and easily deployable manner. It is the most effective, cost-efficient and adaptable solution designed to work across broad healthcare settings starting from home-health, imaging centers, surgery centers, and labs to hospitals and IDNs.


Develop and operationally sustain accurate inventory and device level postures over life cycle

Risk Modeling

Risk Modeling

Automated medical device specific risk modeling with trending


Device specific risk-based security control plan


Ongoing risk management governance, reporting and incident response


Security Control



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