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Learning Management

How effective is your current training program? Our game-based mobile microlearning platform increases learning retention to 95%. The proficiency-focused learning management system can significantly improve cybersecurity IQ in your organization and reduce overall risk considering that more than 85% of cyber-incidents involve human-factors.

Essential for Business Success

Healthcare remains as the most susceptible industry to hacking. About 60% of healthcare cyber-incidents involved insiders and a lion’s share resulted from errors. Clearly, employee training and awareness provides one of the best opportunities to improve cybersecurity. Traditional learning management systems, however, barely deliver 30% learning retention.

Business Partners at Work

Key Solution Elements

Our platform takes game-based microlearning to the next level by delivering superior user engagement via single and multi-player modes, ease of use, and flexibility of engaging in mobile or web-based modes at any time. It allows easy updates to training content and focuses on measuring learning proficiency as opposed to just attendance. The platform can serve as a single system to deliver all compliance training, not just cybersecurity training. Overall, it delivers significant cost productivity to organizations.

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