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Security Analyst

Cincinnati, Ohio

At MediTechSafe, we are driven to support healthcare providers in ensuring Quality of Care. We are selectively growing our team of professionals who not only enjoy the intellectual challenge of solving some of the tough problems but also believe in the mission of ensuring Safety and Security in healthcare.

What you'll bring?

We seek leaders who help us set the culture of mutual respect, meritocracy, and result orientation. They are confident enough to respectfully challenge others and/or be challenged irrespective of their positions in the organization. They enjoy operating in an ambiguous environment and ok to be wrong at times. They have the “Venture First” mentality. Hence, we look for grit, integrity, agility, and empathy above anything else.

Qualification and Responsibilities

  • Build and standardize risk analysis with management processes

  • Define and build threat models with mitigative measures

  • Healthcare specific intrusion detection and prevention testing

  • Define product specific policies and mitigative best practices

  • Build training and awareness to healthcare customers.

Education and Training

We require you to have at least a 4-year degree. We prefer engineering or science graduates. We, however, value one’s ability to learn fast more than the field of formal education. Any specialized training in Cybersecurity could potentially help you in enhancing your credibility with customers


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Full-Stack Developer

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Security Analyst

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