MediTechSafe's release of the gaming arena

Dayton, May 23, 2019: MediTechSafe today announced it has launched MediAgent, a Healthcare Cybersecurity Game, for general public to stimulate learning about Health Tech, medical devices and their cybersecurity while having fun.


Healthcare industry is being transformed by many innovations. There are, however, associated risks if the innovations are not managed well. For example, approximately 3,000 new medical devices and upgrades are introduced each year. Many of the devices are getting connected under the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) trend. At the same time, both medical device and HealthIT interoperability related adverse patient impacts are on the rise. About 40% of connected medical devices are found to have security vulnerabilities, creating patient safety and data security concerns. “Everyone can benefit from keeping pace with fast changing technology,” says Siva Kannathasan, VP of Products at MediTechSafe. “We have built the game to see if we can accelerate learning about some of the technologies. It is a game with points, competition, etc. But the players will learn a lot about devices, cybersecurity, regulations, healthcare, etc.”

MediTechSafe is a Southwest Ohio-based company that provides end-to-end healthcare and medical device cybersecurity and risk management solutions. MediTechSafe’s proprietary platform addresses device, process, policy and culture offering a holistic approach to critical security measures. “When people are aware of potential cybersecurity concerns with healthcare technologies, they are more helpful to Healthcare Providers in keeping the risk low.”