Engagements of MediTechSafe with Imaging Conference and Expo 2019

Operationalizing Imaging System Cybersecurity in IoT Environment

February 17 – 19, 2019

We know that healthcare is the most hacked vertical with the highest number of data breaches. In fact, the ECRI Institute ranked ransomware and cybersecurity threat as #1 Health Tech Hazard for 2018 because of the resulting patient safety concerns. Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security has declared healthcare as the most targeted and susceptible of the 11 critical US infrastructures.


With Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) trend, the healthcare industry now believes that medical devices are the next security nightmare. Radiology departments and Diagnostic Imaging centers, in particular, are more susceptible to cyber-events because of (a) equipment exposure to many interfaces, (b) vulnerabilities in the equipment, (c) criticality of the equipment, and (d) underdeveloped/unenforced processes and policies.


This session will present a holistic approach of managing medical device cybersecurity; the approach includes considerations at device, network, process and policy levels. The presentation will include examples demonstrating how the approach is operationalized for Imaging Systems.

Pranav Patel, CEO

MediTechSafe, Inc